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Marée Haute de Estelle Delcambre

© Meri Ekola

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Hello, my name is Meri. I am a light designer and artist, on this page you can see some traces of my work. I use light as my main means of expression. Often it is in close connection with the activities of organic elements such as water, wind or smoke. I'm fascinated by the border areas between light and dark, what lies between them and what exists within them, dissolving familiar forms and reshaping them. 

I'm currently completing a degree in Emerging Media, where my main interest is in exploring immersive digital technologies as a new modality for artistic expression. In the performance context, my collaborators come from experimental performance art, music and dance.

I live in Brussels.

My pronouns are she/her.

Every situation has a potential to become a state of wonder, and I see wondering as a practice to connect with our surroundings, to acknowledge and give space to the existing, without forcing it to change.

Contact me: meri(at)

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