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© Eija Mäkivuoti

Museum of Postmodern Art reflects the stage through postmodern gaze. The performers dissect emotional and intellectual concepts alike through language and movement. They are left on stage at the mercy of the machinery of sound and light that manipulates them like marionettes.

Five-year project Museum of Postmodern Art – MOPMA is a performance series of Oblivia, produced between 2012 and 2016. The series explored post-modernity in different perspectives in time, focusing on its traces in the performing arts. I did the lighting design for all the performances.


Museum of Postmodern Art 1 premiere | 16.11.2012 at PACT Zollverein, Essen, DE

Super B premiere | 10.9.2013 at Bastard Festival, Avantgarden, NO

Ka-Boom premiere | 18.8.2014 at Helsinki Festival, FI

The Rave, premiere | 10.10.2015 at Mad House, Helsinki, FI

Do Be Do, Premiere | 3.10.2016 at CIRKO, Helsinki, FI 


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