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LIISA PENTTI +CO. The Weight of My Heart

© Esko Koivisto

 The solo work of choreographer Liisa Pentti recollects ordinary events of her own life and of those near and far who have passed along the way and away. She creates a floating landscape of personal stories transforming them into a larger-than-life fiction through a minimalistic form. The work was initially made in a blank studio space and later translated on the theatre stage. As the piece itself, the lighting balances between fiction and reality.


Liisa Pentti +Co is a Helsinki-based dance group whose central values are artistic relentlessness and ingenuity. Founded in 2000, the group’s artistic profile is situated in a field between dance, performance art and contemporary theatre. I have worked with the group as a lighting designer between 2011-2019. 

The Weight of My Heart 

Premiere I 9.11.2011 at Liisa Pentti +Co studio, Helsinki


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